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Personal statement examples for medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene, and physician associate studies

Our job is to guide you through the complicated application process. To simplify the steps in applying to your dream school – from constructing the personal statement to UCAS guides and unique volunteering opportunities that are local to you. 

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How To Write An Amazing Personal Statement

Learn how to write a well-structured statement. Find out what makes or breaks a statement and follow our tips. Keep the introduction personal, unique, and relevant to your story. Read our guide to find out more.

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9 Insider Tips to Ace Your Dental Hygiene and Therapy Interview

9 Tips | Ace your Dental Hygiene and Therapy Interview Applying to Dental Hygiene and Therapy can be exciting, but the interview process can be a source of anxiety for many students. However, with proper preparation, you can confidently navigate the interview and leave a lasting impression on the panel.I have worked with dental hygiene …